Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thinking of You

Another image from Tejal....thought of trying another card with my lovely copics.
Do you find sumthing missing in the card...shuld I add some ribbon or anything else in it..I wanted the card to breathe...but sumone told me that sumthing is missing in the card...What you suggest.

A closer look ...this turned out still better.


Tejal said...

What ink did you use? It looks great, much better than I could have done it..
you could add a pattern paper in the background or some glitter stones or a ribbon..or add a co-ordinating paper behind the main image!

Love the coloring!

Cori Smith said...

Hi Shivani,
It's Cori from the US... You have gotten so many goodies and your talents are continuing to grow!!! I am thinking you can still keep that simplicity by adding some layers to the images and maybe some ribbon?

Hope all is well there,

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shivani- I agree with Cori. Just add a layer behind your main image and it will be perfect. Your coloring is fantastic! looks great!

just found your blog! I am enjoying it!