Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hey I've got lovely blog candies from Laurie from Texas..
have a look :
Ribbon, Stamps, Tin Boxes, small small sweet things to be used in cards.., embellishments.
And a lovely card. I forgot to load the card image.

Thanx a ton Laurie for such genorosity.

Check out the pen...its lovely.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


A different look card ...I made for my frd. Like the colours...though the camera didnt do the justice with the colours..!!

Photo Wallet (1st Wedding Anniv)

Photo Wallet Idea just happened that week on splitcoaststamper. I loved this idea, I thought why not make a memorable gift for my husband on our 1st anniversary.
So here is it...

Products Used : Stamps, Embossing, Ribbons, Stick Stones, Stickers.

Front Look : Used polka dot ribbon , Stickers, Stick Stones

Back Look: Used Stickers, Stick Stones, Ribbon, Velcro.

Inside Look : Embossing, Stamps, Buttons, Ribbons,Stickers, Stick Stones
Top :Embossing, Ribbon, Button, Stickers

Middle : Used ribbon, Embossing, Stick Stones

Bottom : Used Embossing, Ribbon, button

Inside Look : Snaps

Love You..!!

This card just happened....I just loved the stamps sent by one of my frds on SCS...wanted to use them..!!

Have a look...

Joy (Christmas Greeting)

I love Gold Embossing. Thought of making one card for Christmas..!!
Products Used : Stamps, Ribbon, Sheets, Heating Tool, Cutter

A closer look :

I love Gold Embossing. Thought of making one card for Christmas..!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Honey (30th December)

A lovely card made for my husband's b'day. Finally I knew where to make full use of my copic markers.

How is the use..??

Products Used : Stamps , Copics, Ribbon, Buckle, diferent sheets.

A closer look :

Copic Markers

Wow! Was I mad...or insane when I recvd my lovely copic markers from my sister.
I felt on the top of this world...felt like creating as many cards as possible.

But nothing was cuming in my mind. I kept trying but nothing came out properly...

Wanna make u more is snap of my markers..they are around 42 or sis picked colours randomly for me..

Jab we met...

Indeed...title suits us..we met on 12th November '2003. We have known each other since 4 years including 1 year of our marriage. And those years were beautiful in every way.

And I love making cards for him, even before marriage I use to make different cards for him. Though at that time I didn’t had much clue about splitcoaststampers. But now I love that site.

I created a lovely card this time for our 4th anniversary. We had a gr88 time…as usual on 11th night we had a cake cutting ceremony. Then next day we had a day out..had a nice lunch at
Centerstage Mall.

Here are few photographs of the card.

Products Used :
Embossing, Stamps, Circle stickers, Ribbons & ball pen.
Another one...

Thanx for looking. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did while making it. Love brightness of gold in this card.

Help Zach see the world!

I simply loved this article...surely I love all of u to check this link ....send lovely postcards to Zach.He'll surely be happy to receive postacrds from all over the world.

Zach is almost 8 years old. Zach is also autistic.
Zach loves the world.....he loves hearing about different places, loves to find things on the map (and now on his "new" globe), etc

Would you be willing to send Zach a postcard? This would be something he could look forward to each day after school.......the post office where he get mail is right next to the school and he loves to open his little box with the key. It would be such a blast for him to look in that box each day with the hopes of being able to "travel" some place new without even leaving his little town (though he's just ITCHING to get out there and see the world himself!).

So......whadda ya say? Want to help put a BIG smile on this little guy's face?
Zachariah Martin
PO Box 153
Ferrisburg, VT 05456