Monday, March 31, 2008

Wow...what a candy Offer..

Wanna have a real treat of goodies catch on Nikki's blog.. I'am sure you won't regret goin to her blog..
Hey did u go..I'am sure by now your eyes must have popped out....
Have a gr88 time..put a comment on her blog & link ur blog with her blog candy post..!!

Still Suffering

Me and my computer both are I came to office after 4 weeks..but it got so hectic that I culdnt even sit for an hour also....

And now I'am going back home....its not easy sitting 8hours continuously..
I guess so few days I won't be able to do stamping as well.

Friday, March 28, 2008

No Post Day

No post from my side today as my computer is down with Virus..lots n is me..not feeling well today...May be 2mrw I'll post in a gud card...
Tejal than for your advice..I totally forgot that..!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

For A Small Princess

Well another card from my favorite Kristina’s collection. This time it is for my niece Riya, she stays in New Jersey. She’ll be turning 1 this year. And I won’t be able to meet her, so thought of sending my LOVE to her via this card.

This card has been fully inspired by Kristina’s card. Have a look in her February Blog - Cupcake. Well I tried to make it as close as possible.

Have a look:

A Closer Look:

Card Ingredients:
Paper: Pastel Brown, Printed Paper (Stamping Up)
Cupcake Handmade: Embossed “Happy Birthday” folder & Printed Paper (Stamping Up)
Candles: Handmade candles using Glitter pens
Stones: Different shades
Ribbon: Yellow color
Instead of Coluzzle – Used Compass & scissors.(I know cirle is not that accurate)

Do leave your comments how you think the card turned out to be….is it gaudy or okay to go.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kristina's Colour Inspiration # 3

I was trying to find colors from Kristina’s Color Inspiration # 3.
I think the colour combination looks awesome and far more better in the Pier One bedroom. It’s the first time that I’am put in my card. Since here in India I couldn’t find much colors but tried using closest colors used in the challenge.I don’t think I’ll win but atleast I’m able to place in my card in her comments section that gives me immense pleasure.
I’ve been a gr88 admirer of her it any video…ribbon tying..paper star I watched it all. Didn’t miss any of her blog entries.

Card Ingredients :
Image :Courtesy Nikki
Medium : Watercolour pencils used with water brush
Ribbon : Black Organdy ribbon with white polka dots
Paper : Orchid Opulence, Pumpkin Pie, Rose Red, Basic Black, Whisper White
Stamp : Blooming With Happiness
Scissors :Paper Shapers (Provocraft)

A Closer Look :
Check out the card in last blog entry that too was inspired by her Happy Birthday Card

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cupcake Birthday

Here are the lovely images sent by Nikki in my March RAK which helped me, in making this lovely cupcake birthday card for my nephew.

His name is Aiyur…he is 5 years old and studying in Ryan International.
His birthday falls on 29th March.

Card Inspiration: Kristina
Paper: Pastel brown, Pink, Green, Printed Paper (Courtesy Nikki)
Image: Cupcake (Courtesy Nikki)
Punches: Circle Punch
Stamp : Happy Birthday
Medium: Watercolor Pencils used with watercolor brush (courtesy Tejal)
Ribbon: Red Organdy ribbon with white Polka dots
Have a look at the card :

A Closer look of cupcakes :

Monday, March 24, 2008

My Craft Drawer

Due to my illness these days I’m not able to make cards or do much of stamping.
Thought of sharing with u my crafty drawer since I don’t have much space in my room to keep my craft stationary, I prefer keeping it organized in my bed drawer.

Have a look the way I keep my stuff :

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bura naa mano holi hai....

Holi is filled with colour, rich heavy gunjiyaas..mithas,ballons..hope u all had a gr88 holi.

Blue is song,
Yellow is music,
Green is dance,
Red is beauty,
White is love,
And pink is for joy...
I wish all these colour may fall On you & your family.

Happy Holi to everyone..!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a discount..

Wow another discount of 49% going at frugalities. I’am excited…naa..just jealous
That I won’t be a part of it…Hey Tejal I totally agree with u …my wish list don’t even fit on pages. Wow….what lovely sheets…stamps…gosh & what not is available at Frugalities…
Please do send pics so that atleast we two can sigh & think in our dreams to buy all that..!!
Guys shell out your money...fassssssssst..

Tagged !!

I've been tagged by Tejal to list 7 weird facts about myself.
Here it goes ….
1.I Hate chocolates. If sumone gifts me ….it would be there for months n months to come…unless some greedy soul eats it away.

2.I hate Pizzas…yes yes..I can have it in 3-4 months gap. Otherwise naaah not my choice.

3.I love body washes…specially those fruit flavours. If my stock gets over , then no bath for me. Don’t worry my stock will last for months n months to come.

4.I have water tunkey fitted in my eyes..if anyone says me sumthing then I can cry in seconds…& can go on n on.

5.I hate pillows..they gave me headaches.

6.I love stamping to this extent, that even after my 12-14 hours shift I can still sit an create cards with my back ache..!!

7. I love surfing for hours n hours on so much FUN…

Hey Tejal I had FUN doing this but sorry to say I dont have much blog friends except you..others are generally on mail.
I wont be able to tag further..though I wish too..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Someone Cares for YOU....

Yups that what I thought when I received a lovely card from Peggy. She stays in Canada & came to know about my illness & was not late in sending me a lovely Get Well Soon card & guess what else she sent ..she is been so generous that she even sent me the whole stuff as to how to create that card …..&&&& yes even the stamp.

Here is the lovely card :

Stuff to create the card including the stamp as well :

Peggs did I told u how much I love you…hey I mean that…what a sweet thing to do for me..

Sending A Smile Your Way

Tejal it definitely made me smile seeing lovely images send by you.Because of my illness this blog entry is so dam late, but nevertheless I want to thank you For sending me such lovely images to play with.
A Lovely Card :

And images :

Another lot of mages :

And lovely post cards which I’ll try sending Erika :
Sorry Erika I told u long time back..but I was unable to find any postcard …now here they are ….hope Zach enjoys seeing them..

Love this RAK

After a long time back I’am in action…trying to be fit but because of my illness I was not keeping well. Still weakness is there. That reminds me many things which happened during this course of period..I received lovely RAK from Nikki…started on the monthly RAK by Courtney wow it was a FAB…it brought smile on my face.I’m sure if u too will have a look you will surely be jealous from me..
A lovely RAK card with a beautiful image of my favorite stamp of Bella series.

A closer look of images sent :

Another set of images :

And anther one :

And some of the embellishments sent by her including patterned paper :

That was treat for everyone’s eyes.. I hope u receive my RAK soon due to my bad health I was not able to post early.
Thanks again for being my RAK I wish I do have for next month as well..!!