Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tagged !!

I've been tagged by Tejal to list 7 weird facts about myself.
Here it goes ….
1.I Hate chocolates. If sumone gifts me ….it would be there for months n months to come…unless some greedy soul eats it away.

2.I hate Pizzas…yes yes..I can have it in 3-4 months gap. Otherwise naaah not my choice.

3.I love body washes…specially those fruit flavours. If my stock gets over , then no bath for me. Don’t worry my stock will last for months n months to come.

4.I have water tunkey fitted in my eyes..if anyone says me sumthing then I can cry in seconds…& can go on n on.

5.I hate pillows..they gave me headaches.

6.I love stamping to this extent, that even after my 12-14 hours shift I can still sit an create cards with my back ache..!!

7. I love surfing for hours n hours on so much FUN…

Hey Tejal I had FUN doing this but sorry to say I dont have much blog friends except you..others are generally on mail.
I wont be able to tag further..though I wish too..

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