Thursday, August 21, 2008

Too Easy Grid Tutorial

Naah, I'am not trying to copy Beate's Grid Technique , she has written an excellent tutorial. I just tried to create that grid look using my laptop, scale & scoring tool. As I dont own a Score-Pal

Here the tutorial with pictures.

1. Mark the grid lines on the back side of the sheet. And keep the sheet on laptop .

2. Using a scoring tool, mark the scores as per the grid lines. Please check here you will keep the sheet between the spacebar & next key gain the space & mark the scores.

3. Mark the scores as per your grid lines.

4. Once u r done with can use stamp pads to get this effect & the grid. Have a close look..this is the front side.

Example :

A Closer Look:


Deanne said...

Neat idea!!!!

Beth said...

Lol, another use for my laptop, very neat!

Lorraine said...

this is great. love it! lol

lucy said...

do u get scorpal in india