Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Photo Wallet (1st Wedding Anniv)

Photo Wallet Idea just happened that week on splitcoaststamper. I loved this idea, I thought why not make a memorable gift for my husband on our 1st anniversary.
So here is it...

Products Used : Stamps, Embossing, Ribbons, Stick Stones, Stickers.

Front Look : Used polka dot ribbon , Stickers, Stick Stones

Back Look: Used Stickers, Stick Stones, Ribbon, Velcro.

Inside Look : Embossing, Stamps, Buttons, Ribbons,Stickers, Stick Stones
Top :Embossing, Ribbon, Button, Stickers

Middle : Used ribbon, Embossing, Stick Stones

Bottom : Used Embossing, Ribbon, button

Inside Look : Snaps


Tejal said...

Finally my first look at you!
The album is really put a lot of effort into shows..really awesome!
Love the work u did with copics too!


Anonymous said...

You really did a great job. Your husband will love it!

Elizabeth said...

that is a really GREAT like book! I am going to study it so I can make it too!

Yasmin said...

I love this little's so cute.