Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hey I've got lovely blog candies from Laurie from Texas..
have a look :
Ribbon, Stamps, Tin Boxes, small small sweet things to be used in cards.., embellishments.
And a lovely card. I forgot to load the card image.

Thanx a ton Laurie for such genorosity.

Check out the pen...its lovely.


Tejal said...

Wow! that looks like an awesome stash! I'm Jealous...that's the most awesome set from Stampin up!
Happy stamping!!

Cori Smith said...

You won another blog candy???? How do you keep doing that! That's soooo awesome!!!! How's it goin over in your part of the world? We are getting a lot of snow here and I'm looking forward to spring :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're so sweet! Enjoy! ~Laurie